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Grand-Master-Eddie-JacobsenIt is the objective of Combat Tang Soo Do to provide the public with qualified, practical and concise training which will lead to a proper understanding of combat related training, this will be practical and effective with techniques for self defence as well as sports competition.

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Little Dragons

Are you are interested in Combat Tang Soo Do
we offer traditional training in Tang Soo Do the Korean fighting art famous for its powerful kicks, as well as adding modern practical self defence training and weapons work.


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Las Vegas World Champs and Federation News!

World Champs feedback
1 David van der Merwe M 38 D4 EQUILIBRIUM  
2 Lize van der Merwe F 35 D1 EQUILIBRIUM Gold Silver  
3 Mariske van der Merwe F 12 1 EQUILIBRIUM Silver Silver  
4 Johan van der Merwe M 10 3 EQUILIBRIUM Bronze Silver  
5 Ruan Dippenaar M 12 CDB WHITE TIGER Gold Silver Gold  
6 Tiaan Dekker M 15 CDB WHITE TIGER  
7 Kevin Markram M 14 5 G2 WHITE TIGER Gold Gold Gold  
8 CJ Marx M 11 CDB WHITE TIGER Gold Silver Silver  
9 Hendrina Coetzee F 36 CDB WHITE TIGER Gold Silver  
10 Frans de Vos M 29 2D WHITE TIGER Silver  
11 Faber van Niekerk M 27 2D WHITE TIGER Gold  
12 Dawid Rossouw M 19 5 G2 WHITE TIGER Silver Silver Bronze  
13 Cliricia Williams F 14 2 R2 WHITE TIGER Bronze  
14 Henco Vorster M 10 3 R1 WHITE TIGER Silver Gold Gold  
15 Shiri Wiesie F 11 4 G3 WHITE TIGER Bronze Gold Gold  
16 Lanelle Newton F 9 4 G3 WHITE TIGER Gold Gold Gold  
17 Dayne McPherson M 13 4 G3 WHITE TIGER Silver Silver Silver  
18 Karli Lombaard F 15 4 G3 WHITE TIGER Silver Silver Gold  
19 Trisha Rajkumar F 20 4 G3 ALCHEMY Gold Bronze Gold Bronze
20 Tommie Strydom M 28 1D ALCHEMY Bronze Silver  
21 Christiana John F 30 1 R3 ALCHEMY Silver Gold Gold  
22 Wesley Baleta M 23 D2 ALCHEMY  
23 Jenna Little F 14 1D ALCHEMY Silver Silver Gold  
24 Natalie Duligal F 15 2D ALCHEMY Bronze Silver  
25 Ewan Price M 9 3 R1 ALCHEMY Bronze Bronze  
26 Lenka Tshimollo Liphoko M 15 2 R2 ALCHEMY Bronze Silver  
27 Michael Schrenk M 23 6 G1 ALCHEMY Bronze Gold Gold  
28 Tamzin Coetzee F 11 3 R1 ALCHEMY Bronze Bronze Bronze  
29 Titus Masike M 22 1D ALCHEMY Bronze  
30 Linique Joubert F 8 6 TRANQUILITY Silver  
31 Monica De Villiers F 12 5 TRANQUILITY Bronze Bronze Silver  
32 Chelsea Seymore F 15 CDB TRANQUILITY Silver  
33 Jacobus Meyer M 12 CDB WOLVES Bronze Bronze  
  ALCHEMY DEMO TEAM           Silver    
          Gold 7 6 11 24
          Silver 8 10 9 27
          Bronze 9 4 7 20
            24 20 27 71
Some of the photos of the action!
Extra Training Days
22 August - Black Belt Class 8-10am followed by Black Belt breakfast!
27 August - Competition training 10am - 12pm for those going to Nelspruit and any others interested in learning more on sword, sparring & cutting!
12 September - Alchemy, BIP & Wits Training Day
All syllabus work for the upcoming gradings will be covered in detail; forms; weapons; basics; kicks & self defense!
Cost is R100 for the morning, R50 for BBelt & Master Club members. R 50 for Little Dragons. Free for BIP.
Black & Red Belts start at 8am
White, Purple & Green start at 10am
Little Dragons start at 11:30am
Training finishes at 12:30pm
Lowveld Championships - Wolves Academy Nelspruit, 5th September
The 25th anniversary of Wolves Martial Arts Academy
Combat Tang Soo Do - Forms, Sparring & Weapons AND Haedong Kumdo - Forms, sparring & cutting
5 September at 07:00
Ingwenyama Conference & Sport Resort
R 170 entrance for CTSD or HK, R 250 for both.
RSVP This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Year plan dates
August 29 Alchemy Training Day - Competition prep. Jhb Alchemy R 50
September 5 Clash at the Wolves Den - LVeld Champs Nelspruit Ingwenyama Resort R 170
  8 Private schools open      
  12 Alchemy Training day Johannesburg Alchemy R 100
  14-18 Grading Week 3 Johannesburg Alchemy  
  24 - 27 National Training Camp      
October 2 Schools close      
  2-4 MASA Selection Champs - Tafisa Parys Afridome R 250
  12 Schools open      
  15 Wits Grading      
  27 Private Schools Mid-term ends      
November 28 Alchemy Training day Johannesburg Alchemy R 100
  31 Grading Week 4 Johannesburg Alchemy  
December 1-4 Grading Week 4 Johannesburg Alchemy  
  4 Private Schools close      
  5 Dan grading      
  9 Schools Close