Combat Tang Soo Do International Tours

InternationalCombat Tang Soo Do is affiliated to the KMA, the Korean Martial Arts Authority, in South Africa.

The KMA belongs to the Martial Arts of South Africa (MASA) who belong to the South African Sports Commission and Olympic Committee. Through these auspicious bodies Combat Tang Soo Do has official recognition at the National level and selects a Protea colours National Team and President's development team for their biannual World championships which are held in various countries around the world.

NEXT EVENT: 5th Triennial World Wide Tang Soo Do Family World Championships, South Africa, 2018

The National Team competes in both team and individual events consisting of Fighting, Team Fighting, Forms, Team Forms and Weapons, every second year at the World Championships for the World Wide Tang Soo Do Family. The President's development team compete as individuals in the same three categories of Fighting, Forms and Weapons. At the world Championships there are often additional categories like spectacular breaking and modern forms which individuals can volunteer to compete in.


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